Long term care insurance is the cornerstone of a complete retirement plan.

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Receive exclusive member discounts in addition to preferred health and couples discounts.

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Proper planning begins with good information.  Get started today to learn more about the benefits of your sponsored long term care insurance program.

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Sponsored Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance can help protect your assets against the high cost of extended care.  It can also help ensure that you receive care in the setting of your choice, including your own home.

Rates are determined based upon your age at entry. You may also have a better chance of receiving preferred health discounts at a younger age.  It pays to act soon, before a change in age or unexpected change in health.

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“We are proud to sponsor a long term care insurance program with exclusive discounts.  I encourage you to schedule a risk-free phone consultation with a specialist to explore your options." 

Martin E. Barrett
President, WebFirst Insurance, LLC

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